FracTELfone uses WebRTC on your Chrome® web browser, or installs on your iOS®, Android®, macOS® or Windows® device to create a fully-featured FracTEL Cloud PBX business phone extension.

With FracTELfone you can:

  • Make phone calls and send SMS messages that show your business Caller ID.
  • Receive phone calls and SMS messages just like your desk extension.
  • Place phone calls on hold, and transfer them to a different extension.
  • Make and receive video calls with other FracTEL video enabled devices.
  • Call and message others in your business using extension numbers.
  • Check your voicemail and listen to your messages.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: FracTELfone is only for use by current FracTEL customers. You must have an active FracTEL Cloud PBX account to use FracTELfone, and you cannot create a FracTEL Cloud PBX account with an in-app purchase. Do not attempt to run or install FracTELfone if you are not a current FracTEL customer with an active Cloud PBX account. FracTELfone installation and configuration requires a FracTEL Cloud PBX Username and Password. If you do not know your FracTEL Cloud PBX credentials, you should contact your FracTEL Cloud PBX Administrator.